Each year, millions of people from around the world visit Morocco to experience its unique sights, tastes, and sounds. This number has increased steadily over the last 10 years.
Visit Morocco and the reasons for its increasing popularity become clear. It is considered the safest country in North Africa, In Morocco, there is no reason to choose a beach vacation or mountain getaway. You can wake up by to the sounds of crashing waves in the cozy seaside confines of Essaouira, spend the afternoon discovering the medieval souks of Marrakesh, and end your day with a sunset atop the rural Atlas Mountains. In Morocco, there is something for every kind of traveler to enjoy. Outdoors adventurers will love venturing off into the Sahara Desert, or hight Atlas mountains, while history buffs will delight in exploring Morocco’s Imperial Cities.
The seasons in Morocco are similar to other European countries, winter from December through February and summer from June through August. There is no bad time to visit Morocco, but generally, the best time to visit is during April and May or September to November, the country's shoulder seasons. During these months, the climate is neither too hot nor too cold, and there are fewer tourists to contend with than there would be during the peak summer or winter vacation periods. However, those hoping to trek the Atlas Mountains or surf the waves on the Atlantic coast may find that other times of the year better suit their needs.

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