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Today I'm going to write about women's health and pregnancy! I know is a very interesting topic so let's start as you know pregnancy is an idealistic time to implement health behavior changes, and everyone knows that health is all about diseases, treatments, prognosis, and the various breakthroughs and setbacks that we experience over the years, so women are receptive to health messages at this time. The majority of pregnant women have regular, ongoing contact with general practitioners, particularly during early pregnancy.
Do you know that there are over 3.50 billion women worldwide and in most regions of the world, women outnumber men? In an interdependent world, women’s health is a global health issue.
A woman dies in childbirth every minute in the world, an interesting number of factors including poverty, discrimination, and violence undermine women’s health worldwide. The health status of women is critically linked to their empowerment and fundamental freedoms. Women’s rights are essential to national development, economic growth, and global progress and for the stability of families and communities, and prosperity and opportunity for all. That is why worldwide education, occupational opportunities, and access to health care are critical components for a healthier future for women.
The advanced technology nowadays makes the information very easier, for example there a lot of sites online that can be very helpful during your pregnancy. I will suggest you a great one is Check PregnancyThey are sharing pregnancy tips, pregnancy period, reviews and more

I'm really sure that will become your favorite site, they provide the option to ask questions so you may not always need to talk with your doctor or pharmacist for inquiries! A search button to make access to the topic which you are interested in easy, also they cover pre-pregnancy, and post-pregnancy as well ensuring that every aspect of the journey is covered from start to finish.
The site contains many useful articles with differents topics like homemade pregnancy tests or breakthrough bleeding and more...
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