Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs That You will Love

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Mass-produced jewelry may come by cheap and fast, but there’s a whole new charm added to a piece of jewelry when it’s handcrafted. For one thing, handmade jewelry is always going to be special and have its own distinctive personality.

Wedding Shoes Every Groom-to-be Must Check Out

crossover footwear brand, crossover wedding shoes

The wedding day has been set: the suits are ready, the vows are written and the venue is booked. Now fellas, let’s talk shoes.

NOIRANCA's Vegan Handbags For Ethical Fashion

The market for vegan fashion is growing quickly–just like the market for plant-based food! More and more brands are choosing animal-free, ethical and more sustainable materials that are just as stylish and durable!

Top 5 Museums to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Image Credit: Pixabay

Portland has been known to be an extremely loose and liberal city. The city is famous for being liberal when it comes to beliefs and the arts,

Special Wedding Rings That Stand Out from The Crowd

You’ve already done the hard part. Congratulations! You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, now it’s time to celebrate with an outstanding ring to symbolize your love.

4 Warmest Beanies To Keep You Cozy All Season

As the temperature begins to drop, it's time we start looking ahead and planning our winter wardrobes. More often than not though, we tend to overlook a certain cold-weather accessory until we need it most: the winter hat.

Luxury Rings That Should Be On Your Radar

Luxurious jewelry is bound to be that sparkle you didn’t even know you were missing. What makes jewelry even more special is ensuring that each piece you select for yourself or your loved one is ethical and kind to people, animals, and our planet.

Stylish & Comfy Heels That You Can Actually Wear All Day

Heeled shoes are an immortal fashion trend for a variety of reasons, we can’t imagine a time when heels are not a priority in the world of fashion.

How Much Could you Save Up Over Time?

Understanding and evaluating where you stand today in terms of your finances is the first step in taking action and developing a sound investment plan.

Moss Rose Kimonos That Will Add Glamour To Your Outfit

Summer kimono outfits seem so perfect for the season. The kimono is always a great way to cover up and add some color to your ensemble while keeping you looking fashion-forward.