Look Fabulous When You Wear Pearl Jewelry

If there is a piece of jewelry that is forever trendy, classic, and never goes out of style, then, it is the pearls. With their unique look and elegance, the natural pearls are what every woman should own.

INDE MUSE: Making Luxury a Sustainable & Timeless Style

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The past couple of decades have seen a lot of prominences given to being earth friendly and sustainable. Businesses, people, and everyone in general has been comparatively more aware of the fact that we all must act and work in a way that does not harm the planet and sustainability is a term that is used far more commonly even in the world of luxury.

Matching Accessories For You And Your Pet To Twin In

Dogily pet accessories

As a pet lover and a pet parent, there is nothing that comes close to my love for animals, and I know how important your pet is to you too. Did you realize, though, that the advantages of having an animal in your life go way beyond the companionship you feel?

Top 5 Museums to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Image Credit: Pixabay

Portland has been known to be an extremely loose and liberal city. The city is famous for being liberal when it comes to beliefs and the arts,

Now Launching: Saffron Noire, A Musically Inspired Fine Jewelry Brand

The jewelry you wear represents your style. For many, jewelry even transcends style and becomes part of who they are, a representation of their individual personality. 

Wedding Shoes Every Groom-to-be Must Check Out

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The wedding day has been set: the suits are ready, the vows are written and the venue is booked. Now fellas, let’s talk shoes.

Find The Affordable Comprehensive Health Testing Online

Regular blood testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being. Getting tested at routine intervals can

Stylish & Comfy Heels That You Can Actually Wear All Day

Heeled shoes are an immortal fashion trend for a variety of reasons, we can’t imagine a time when heels are not a priority in the world of fashion.

4 Warmest Beanies To Keep You Cozy All Season

As the temperature begins to drop, it's time we start looking ahead and planning our winter wardrobes. More often than not though, we tend to overlook a certain cold-weather accessory until we need it most: the winter hat.

5 Best Celebrity Impersonators for Parties

Are you looking for some star power to add flair to your next event? Putting a party together