Now Launching: Saffron Noire, A Musically Inspired Fine Jewelry Brand

The jewelry you wear represents your style. For many, jewelry even transcends style and becomes part of who they are, a representation of their individual personality. 

I believe that jewelry definitely has an even closer relationship with both our bodies and our minds. Wearing it nicely helps to achieve a fabulous finishing touch to our ensemble, and different pieces carry different meanings.

The creativity and the originality of the jewelry designer is the soul of a piece of jewelry. Even though almost all fine jewelry brands in the world are made from extremely special and precious stones and metals, jewelry designers from different backgrounds and cultures do have different dreams.

Every jewelry designer has their own concepts and characteristics. This is why most jewelry brands are characterized by a powerful and strong personality. Some are extremely luxurious, complicated, expensive and exquisite, while others are low-key, minimalist and even suitable for everyday wear.

Meet Saffron Noire’s Designer

 Saffron Noire has been in development for years, but it’s been on my mind for over a decade. Ever since I slipped into my first pair of ballroom dancing shoes at four years old, I have been enamoured by glamour. But glamour isn't reserved exclusively for special occasions; every day is an occasion to wear a beautiful piece that makes you feel truly special. Just like how I adore the roaring bustles of jazz and the quiet intimacy of romantic ballet, I love juxtaposing statement pieces with delicately classical elements to honour different musical personalities.

Saffron Noire was created to make you feel precious and powerful. It is the stage name I used when I performed in burlesque: a magnificently glamourous world marked by fearless sensuality and joy. I want every wearer of Saffron Noire jewellery to feel how I felt on the burlesque stage: to find the hidden music in life's moments; to feel empowered to seduce yourself, and to fall in love with being beautifully unique. 

Saffron Noire is a new jewelry brand, Australian-founded and currently based in Vancouver, Canada. It's now launching and making its debut with a uniquely designed fine jewelry collection inspired by romantic encounters with music all over the world, from the sizzling jazz that erupts at midnight in Harlem, the elegant pirouettes of ballerinas in Italy, and the wind chimes that fill the Korean green tea gardens. 


One of the things I love the most about this brand is that each piece of their collection is originally designed and handmade individually with fine precision! And outside of their diamond and special gemstone pieces, any piece can be made using gold-fill or solid gold, meaning they can include as many people as possible in their sparkling world of romance by providing high-quality jewelry at approachable price points. 


Their design ethos is guided deeply by poetic and musical narratives, which are interwoven into their unique pieces to inspire your loveliest desires. They are definitely a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of fast fashion and all the passing fads that come with it.


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Limited Gift Promotion

The brand will be hosting a gift promotion for its launch! Don’t miss out! All promotional orders ship FREE worldwide. Here are the details:

  • Orders $500 or more will receive a complimentary set of their 14K gold-filled Muraiki Duet ($300 value)


Thank you for reading, feel free to share your thoughts below, and to stay up to date about their latest designs and arrival follow Saffron Noire on Instagram and think about your choices to add to the shopping cart!


  1. Thanks for sharing this brand! These pieces are gorgeous!

  2. Samantha Hoover1:37 AM

    These pieces are so beautiful!!! I love everything thanks for sharing this brand I will have to upgrade mine to this.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day

  3. Absolutely stunning pearl designs! love them all!
    Have a great week,

  4. Fabulous pieces! And very unique too.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. The jewelry are beautiful. The brand is new to me.

  6. Beautiful jewellery :)

  7. Such beautiful pieces of jewellery! I love the earrings. So elegant and feminine. Thank you for the discovery!

    Julia x
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