Wedding Shoes Every Groom-to-be Must Check Out

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The wedding day has been set: the suits are ready, the vows are written and the venue is booked. Now fellas, let’s talk shoes.

Most men’s style experts will agree that shoes are the foundation to any look and will make or break the look if not selected thoughtfully, this why buying your wedding shoes should be such an exciting part of your wedding planning.

Just like bridal fashion, groom's fashion has developed over the last few years, and there's now a massive choice of styles for men. Of course, choosing your outfit or suit is a big step in defining your wedding day look, but your wedding shoes are also key. They are no exception! Once you have selected your tuxedo or suit look and possibly even your accessories, you will need to consider your shoe selection for the big day. The right wedding shoes can elevate your outfit and add some flash to your moment on the dance floor! All it takes is a little coordination.

Crossover wedding shoes, men's wedding shoes

Crossover Footwear, knowing all this, produces a variety of handcrafted wedding shoes that will be both comfortable and stylish! With many years of experience in menswear, they design stand-out looks using premium materials, trendy colors and use top-quality construction and craftsmanship. All you have to do is choose the ones that best suits you.

The brand is based in Toronto, Canada, offering not only wedding shoes but also a unique collection of luxury fashion boots, shoes and loafers that are designed to be worn with the wardrobe you already own. What I like most about this brand is that customizing shoe service is also available, if you see a custom order you like, they can remake it for you exactly in your size. Once they have your size figured out you'll be able to order any shoe you want with the perfect fit every time.

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No wedding outfit is complete without the right shoes. Even if you skip the accessories (tie, pocket square, cufflinks, belt, etc…), suit or tuxedo, you’re still going to need something on your feet for the big day.

I have collated my top favorite wedding shoes that will not only look stunning now, but you’ll definitely not regret them looking back in a few years. No matter your price range there’s a shoe out there for everyone!

Wedding Loafers

explore the entire collection here

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Wedding Boots

explore the entire collection here

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wedding boots crossover footwear

Wedding Shoes

explore the entire collection here

crossover wedding shoes, crossover groom shoes

A wedding is an elegant, passionate, and once-in-a-lifetime experience for most. This is a day you remember for the rest of your life and so does your family. Your groom style is all about you! Your personality, your style, your comfort...all the things that make you...well, you! So, when you’re choosing your wedding shoes, remember to be true to yourself, remember that your shoes shouldn't just look good on your wedding day, they need to be comfortable so that you can feel your toes the next day. And above all, to keep all eyes on you, don't forget to match your belt to your shoes.


  1. That gives me some ideas for my wedding. Great post!! Gorgeous selection! I have always loved shoes

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  9. These men's shoes are really nice. The wedding loafers are cool, and that's a special day, so it's important to pick the right ones out.


  10. Great wedding shoes for the groom. I like the one with buckles, very classic and elegant!



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