Fashionable Gear for the Most Stylish Dog Walks

Bisouspets stylish dog walks

Are you interested in sprucing up your pup's wardrobe for their daily stroll around the neighborhood? Look no further! I have got all the best, most fashionable gear to make sure your furry friend is always looking their most stylish.

From snazzy harnesses and leashes to the trendiest dog poop bags and travel bowls, I’m here to help you create a unique look that will show off everybody who sees it just how fabulous your baby really is.

Not only will they be turning heads, but their stylish accessories are bound to bring smiles wherever they go — so let's get paw-tying and start putting together some stylish and functional dog accessories today featuring Bisous, an Australian-based brand that takes design seriously so you’ll be proud to style your fur baby.

1. Accessorizing Your Pup For a Fashion-Forward Walk


stylish dog walks harness

Accessorizing your pup doesn't have to be boring! Making sure your pup is fashion-forward on its walk starts with the perfect harness.

Smart-Fit Harness like this gives you a better dog walking experience. With four buckles, it is so easy to put on your dog and you no longer need to wrestle with your dog to pull the harness over their head and put it on - simply clip it around their neck like a collar. No more struggling! You’ll be out the door in seconds.

Bisouspets stylish harness

Made with high-quality materials and strong metal hardware. The harness comes in every color imaginable, so first, determine your pup's style and pick one that suits them best.

Then, load them up with cool decorations like a bow tie, a patterned bandanna, or a pair of fun sunglasses. You can even let friends and family help accessorize your pup by giving them something special to wear when they're out and about!

These little additions will help keep all eyes firmly on you and your pup as you go for a luxury stroll.

2. Making Dog Walking Easier With a Poop Bag Holder


dog walks poop bag holder, bisouspets poop bag

With technology making our lives easier, why shouldn't the same be true for something as essential as dog walking? 

Luckily, that's now possible with a simple but effective poop bag holder. Instead of carrying smelly rolls of bags in your pocket or worrying about remembering to take them when you leave your house, you can now have them ready at all times and make life easier for both you and your pup! 

The holder is convenient and fits easily onto a belt loop or handlebars, so you will never have to worry about losing the dedicated place where you can store the bags. 


All in all, it's a great way to ensure an enjoyable walk without any accidents!

3. A Perfect Companion on The Road


dog travel water bowl, bisouspets travel water bowl

Traveling a long distance with your furry friend can be stressful, but having the proper supplies can make it a breeze! Dog travel water bowls are essential for any journey - not only to keep your pup hydrated but also to reduce mess, as they can easily be collapsed and take up less space in the car. 

dog travel water bowls

Imagine never having to worry about spills again - what a heavenly thought! As an added bonus, many of these bowls come with carabiners that make them easily attachable to backpacks or bags. And with different size options, some large enough for small dogs, cats, and other animals too, adapting this simple tool can make traveling with your pet even easier. 

So next time you're off on an adventure, don't forget to pick up one of these handy little devices – it will have both of you smiling from ear to ear throughout the entire trip.

4. Lead the Way With a Classic Dog Leash


Bisouspets stylish dog walks, leash for dog walk

Taking your pup for a stroll should mean fun, fresh air, and sun. But if you're using a bad leash, it can make for a stressful experience. 

In my experience, a classic dog leash provides more control over your dog compared with other leash styles, meaning more happy walks and safety for our dogs as well as others! 

dog leash for dog walks

Whether you're just taking your pup for a leisurely stroll or training them to be the best they can be, the classic leash can help. The chic embroidered look and refined finish draw attention, while the strong metal clip ensures your pup will always stay by your side. Plus, the wide loop handle is padded for extra comfort during long walks and runs. 


No matter what activity comes up throughout the day, rest assured that with this classic leash, your pup will look stylish and ready for any adventure.

5. The Best Dog Walking Gear for a Stylish Stroll


Bisouspets stylish dog walks

It's time to upgrade your everyday dog walks with a coordinated look! You can get the complete look by purchasing the full sets, so you make sure that you save while having a stylish outfit for every occasion. With the right gear, you and your doggo can go beyond the basics and take a stylish stroll together.

Consider investing also in comfy shoes that won't wear down too quickly while trekking around town, then top them off with a practical but fashionable trench coat or windbreaker to keep out any unexpected chilly drafts. And don't forget your pooch needs to look stylish, too! Put them in some smartly-designed apparel with an eye toward both comfort and style.

Have some fun trying out different looks — because as every proud pup parent will tell you when it comes to show-stopping fashion, nothing beats a pup strutting their stuff in style.

Bisouspets stylish dog poop bag

Final Thoughts

Expert advice is always essential when considering the health and well-being of our furry friends. Renowned veterinarian, Cynthia Maro, often emphasizes the importance of not just choosing stylish accessories for our dogs, but also ensuring they are safe and functional. According to Maro, while a chic appearance is undoubtedly appealing, the comfort and security of our pets should never be compromised. Thus, when selecting fashionable items for your pup, it's always beneficial to opt for brands that merge style with functionality, ensuring that our beloved pets not only look great but also feel comfortable and secure on their walks.

Make your dog walks more enjoyable for both of you with the right gear. From stylish leashes and harnesses to water bowls and poop bag holders, I have got you covered. And don't forget the treats! After all, a happy pup makes for a happy walk.


What's your favorite dog-walking accessory? let me know in the comment section below and remember to support and follow Bisous on Instagram here.


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