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It’s that time of year again! Countries around the world celebrate Halloween in one form or another, from Mexico’s Day of the Dead to China’s Tomb Sweeping Day. The modern-day observance of Halloween in countries such as the United States and Canada where this tradition is most popular.

We've all been looking forward to it as an opportunity to enjoy some fun, in-person interaction with friends but this year, as you might imagine, will be a little different! However, as with every holiday we’ve had during COVID-19, we need to do a little extra planning to celebrate Halloween safely. We don’t have to go door-to-door, but we can still celebrate the idea of Halloween in a different way that is safer. There are so many recommendations, tips, and ideas on the internet about that! But, in this post we're going to take a look at 10 crazy Halloween contact lenses from Uniqso.

There’s a growing number of places to buy eye contacts, but there are few places that give you a great range of top quality lenses at a great price. That’s why I will be sharing this online shop with you! They are specialized in quality colored contact lenses and cosplay wigs. They have been unparalleled in the industry providing high-quality CE Certified & ISO approved colored contacts, culled from South Korea. With a whopping collection of colored contacts for cosplay and theatrical performances, they have been serving patients needing myopic, hyperopic & astigmatism vision adjustments. Their Halloween collection is fabulous, fun, and hard to take your eyes off, and offers everything you might want to add some extra scare to your Halloween costume.

As no doubt, you are aware that picking your costume is one of the most important things, as you’ll want your ghost, zombie, ghoul, or vampire to really cause a fright. Creating the best look is often in the details and colored contact lenses are often a big part of bringing together the costume. They are a fun way to add some mystery to your Halloween costume and bring your character to life. Whether it be yellow lenses for a terrifying wolf look or ocean blue contacts for a glamorous mermaid moment. There are lots of options out there to choose from! Colored contact lenses are just one of the many popular accessories that are around today, and are a stylish option to intensify your spooky look on the night! They are great for completing your look and adding the final touches.

Sometimes called Crazy lenses, are novelty lenses with designs or other bold, unnatural colors. You can find soccer ball designs or hearts, as well as lenses that will bring your animal costumes to life. Cat-eye contacts and dragon eyes are two popular styles. Black contacts for visually enlarged eyes, or whiteout and red-eye contacts are usually preferred by zombies and other undead or nonhuman creatures of the night.

Halloween contact lens quick safety tips

1. Always wash your hands and make sure they are completely dry before inserting or removing your lenses

2. You’ll probably be getting into bed quite late, and you might be very tired. If you’re wearing contacts, it’s very important to take your lenses out before going to sleep. Leaving them in can result in your eyes feeling dry and scratchy the next day, while the risk of infection is greatly increased

3. Don’t rub your eyes whilst wearing the lenses

4. If your lenses can be used multiple times, make sure the lenses are stored in a clean lens case with the solution inside at night

5. Don’t reuse your daily, disposable lenses

6. If you experience any discomfort during wear, remove and discontinue use

7. Never share them or let others try them out

Halloween contact lense

Colorvue Crazy Blackout

Halloween colored contact lense
Barbie Twilight Red

Halloween blue contact lense

Colorvue Blue Leopard

Halloween crazy contact lense
Colorvue Crazy Anaconda

Colored contact lense

Colorvue Blind White

Halloween lenses

Colorvue Lens Blaze

Halloween cat's contact lense

Colorvue Cat's Eyes

Halloween Zombie contact lense

Colorvue Zombie Grey

Halloween lense

Orange Werewolf | 3 Months Prescription

Lens Lunatic - 3 Months Prescription

Remember, if you’re a first-time lens wearer, it’s also a very good idea to speak to your optician before you buy contact lenses of any kind. This way, you’ll know your exact prescription and contact lens requirements, as well as if your eyes are suited to wearing lenses.
I hope that you find this post useful and that you keep your eyes safe this year. Finally, I would like to wish you a very happy Halloween! Make sure to use infinitelyposh for 10% Off and keep an eye out for the next posts.


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