NOIRANCA's Vegan Handbags For Ethical Fashion

The market for vegan fashion is growing quickly–just like the market for plant-based food! More and more brands are choosing animal-free, ethical and more sustainable materials that are just as stylish and durable!

The vegan leather fabric has come a long way to become what it is today. Although we’ve all seen vegan leather on forums, social media, in ads, etc... and we’ve certainly heard about it: where does vegan leather come from? And what is it made of?

I have to talk about NOIRANCA, a fashion handbag brand that stands for sustainability, uniqueness, empowerment and rewrites the core elements that make a classic bag: traceability, transparency, and positive consumption.

Masterfully handcrafted by 30 artisans in a family atelier, the entire line of handbags is completely animal-free leather, made from non-toxic materials, and match animal leather in softness and natural smoothness. Employing eco-conscious standards and traditional craftsmanship onto vegan leather handbag designs, NOIRANCA is the sartorial fulcrum between eco and luxe—where its one-of-a-kind bags embrace women of all kinds. 

What makes the brand stand out is that every bag is unique and different on its own. Their collection sees one-of-a-kind handbags with timeless silhouettes, interwoven with profound savoir-faire. One of their most sought-after bags, PATTI, boasts a three-shade design that echoes the tripartite intuition of Patti Smith, whereas ALICE’s eye-like silhouette is inspired by Alice Neel’s innate ability to see every person with an unbiased eye, the bag is elevated by its plump cut-out to deliver the right amount of glamor. 

GRACE turns the handbag silhouette on its head with its distinctive triangular cut-out, adding a polished touch that boasts infinite style mileage for you. Refined yet effortless, AMANDA breathes new life into your closet with its treasure-box-inspired design – sleek clean lines and its elegant simplicity. The collection is completed by their long-beloved family atelier, which preserves traditional craftsmanship, as the strain of empowerment runs through the NOIRANCA bags.

Between Eco & Luxe

Seeing earth as their culture, NOIRANCA strives to minimize carbon footprint as well as the harm imposed on our nature. They, therefore, have adopted a different leather that is more ethical. Handcrafting their handbags with PETA-Approved vegan leather that is made up of 58% recycled materials, they are not only saving animals but also a step closer to a greener planet. 

“We believe it is time that we incorporate "earth" in the fashion culture. It is time that we stand for a different vision.”

For a roundup of the best vegan bags that your friends will be jealous of for sure, check out this stylish selection:

Make space in your wardrobe, and start snagging these handbags as soon as time permits. By the time summer completely rolls around, you'll be armed, quite literally, with the hottest bags of the season to shine like a star, even in an ordinary everyday suit.

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” — Alicia Keys


  1. I absolutely love the unique shapes of these handbags!

  2. What a stylish selection of handbags and it's great that they're also ethically crafted.

  3. Great post, thanks.
    The handbags are amazing.

  4. I am all for vegan fashion! Chuck the leather, save the planet!

  5. I love how architectural these handbags are! Thank you for sharing!

    I'm wearing a bright printed set in my new post and I can't wait to hear what you think!


  6. Oh my goodness the design of these bags are like none other! I love the hues and style - definitely a bag that will turn heads.

    xo Logan


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