Look Fabulous When You Wear Pearl Jewelry

If there is a piece of jewelry that is forever trendy, classic, and never goes out of style, then, it is the pearls. With their unique look and elegance, the natural pearls are what every woman should own.

For a long time, pearls have been associated particularly with women. More precisely, it was the female’s fragile beauty, personality, and femininity that made them the token of softness and elegance. The jewelry department has seen quite a lot of trend changes, but, this did not affect the pearls.

Pearl jewelry instantly lends elegance and beauty to any outfit. Whether you decide to don a pearl bracelet or some pearl earrings, you will be wearing a timeless and classy accessory. There is always something enchanting about those luminescent gems from the sea. Their beauty captures the imagination in a different and unexpected way, contrary to the glitter of cut gemstones. Pearls are simply unique. There are natural gems, just like corals and amber. Their uniqueness stands above all trends, making them suitable and complementing each hair color, skin tone and eye color. Moreover, they are renewable and affordable resources, making them even more fabulous.

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There is a saying “pearls want to be worn”

And it’s true. Everyday outfits look even better with pearl jewelry! They should be worn and enjoyed frequently, so avoid leaving your pearls in a security box for long periods of time. No matter if it is for work or a night out, pearls are great as everyday jewelry and can be perfectly placed with all different kinds of on-trend fashion outfits. They are just stylish, classy and modern, always a choice that will present you with the most sophisticated and chic look.

With that being said, pearls can be mixed with other materials like leather, silver, or beads to make your jewelry less formal. To make traditional strands of pearls seem less dressy, you can add them to other necklaces in your collection. But like many pieces of jewelry, pearls are beautiful, but they are delicate and should be worn with care. Extreme heat and water, for example, can both cause significant damage to pearls, so it’s best to avoid wearing them in those circumstances. When enjoying activities such as sunbathing or swimming, be sure to remove your pearls beforehand. Any chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, or alkaline conditions can harm the gleaming sheen of Pearl.

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“ Wear the Jewelry, let today be the start of something new. ” This is the concept of Mont & Vent, a jewelry brand that stands for beauty, love and freshness by expressing this in its jewelry. Mont & Vent or Mont Et Vent, is a French name, meaning mountain and wind, the brand offers not only pearls but high-quality handmade jewelry options using natural gemstones. I am really impressed by their wide range of styles and unique designs like it’s not something you can go to a shop and find. Each piece is unique in shape, size, and character.

Every lady deserves to own a collection of pearls; their aesthetic value has been praised for many centuries. So the next time you buy a pearl, take your time to choose the right one that you will love to wear forever.

What do you think of Mont & Vent jewels? Remember to enjoy 10% off your first order and share your favorite finds in the comments below! 


  1. Clarinda Bastin12:11 PM

    Good read thank you for sharing. All jewelry pieces looking so elegant but French retro earrings are my favorites.

  2. lovely selection!!!

    1. So glad you like it! Have a lovely day.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely check out this brand for my next Christmas gift for my wife.

  4. I have always loved pearls. Your examples are so beautiful!

  5. Charlotte2:24 AM

    Because I mostly wear black, I feel like pearls can soften a look and make me feel more feminine when I want to.

  6. They are beautiful. I love the mix of colors and metals. I really love my string of pearls and wear it often with casual looks.

  7. Pearl jewelry is so classic! I love it!

  8. Oh, these pearl pieces are beautiful. Pearls will forever be classy. The one that caught my eye was the pearls and emerald, as that's my birthstone. And the pearls and the four-leaf clover is delightful. Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces.


  9. I love pearls very much

  10. Have a great weekend :D

  11. Pearl jewellery is timelessly classy, love the selection here! :D



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