How Pastel Colors Play a Crucial Role for Video Marketing

Did you know that colors play a vital role in human brain activities and recognitions? It helps the customers to recognize brands with adjacent colors and designs. In brief, color psychology plays a huge role in the marketing world. This article discusses the different use of pastel color and its important role in video marketing.

There are certain colors that our brain well associates with, which becomes the key to bridge the gap between the marketing products and the target audience. If you look closely at the various colors used in marketing videos are quite common in each of them. The colors miraculously help the audience to connect with their expectations from various brands in the industry.

If you are new to the business, it might be confusing to know and choose the types of colors to immediately attract the audience. If you are a video maker for a brand, it is very important to know the right colors. We will discuss in detail the science of pastel shades in video marketing.

How Colors Play An Important Part In Marketing?

Have you ever wondered that Colors can be an important part of advertising and marketing? This is because they do not need words to express. They express their feelings via emotions and hence, are way more effective than words.

A color speaks a lot about the characteristics of a product. We may see a product with a particular color and find it fresh, tasty, and attractive and, at the same time, see a similar product with different shades and know the difference. Even medicines with certain colors look appealing to consume. Did you know that sleeping pills are blue for a reason? It is because blue is a color of drowsiness and sleep.

Research shows proven data to support that Colors have a scientific effect on the human brain. Around 84% of the business sites keep color as an important component in video marketing. Around 92% of impulsive shopping is done via the color of the product. A consumer survey reports that 42% of the customers visit websites just because of attractive color combinations.

Effects Of Pastel Color In Video Marketing

There is a connection between better color websites and consumers. Good colors automatically attract large traffic and buyers to your site. Therefore, knowing the best color for your site is an advantage for your video marketing. In this article, we have gathered some of the characteristics and emotions associated with different colors that will help you to make your video instantly popular and bring more traffic to your site.

Blue: Blue is said to be a masculine color with a number of emotions. Tranquility, refreshing, stability, responsibility, calmness, and peace are some of the features. It is a common color among many banks as it is a sign of stability and responsibility. Even some of the safety gear shops use the color to build trust among its customers.

Green: Green is one of the mature colors and known for its calm and mature nature. Many professional brands use this color to share a healthy, mature, wealth, and harmony among its customers. Since green is associated with the environment, most of the organic or recycling companies use this color to build a soothing emotion among its clients.

Purple: One of the mysterious and sensual colors is purple. It is not a color of nature, but it relates to luxury, wealth, magic, royalty, mystery, and spirituality. However, the feeling you want to choose entirely depends on the type of video marketing you are working for.

Red: Red is the color of love, passion, fire, confidence, danger, and anger. The best thing about the color is it immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. Red is one of the colors that boost viewers in a post or video. Remember the restaurant menu, which had red color food pictures making you instantly hungry and compelling you to buy the food?

Orange: Orange is a friendly color and makes you cheerful with warmth and energy. Seasonal changes, vitality, humor are some of the emotions associated with it.  It suits a park see-saw wanting to attract children to hop on and play. But, video marketing on something more corporate won't work with orange. It will automatically turn down traffic from your site and may want to never see your video ever again.

Yellow: Affordability is the first word that comes to mind when you see yellow. It is bold as well as light. Happiness, energy, danger, cheerfulness, and warmth are some of the basic feelings associated with it. If your video is on marketing powerful tools and equipment, then yellow is your color.

Pink: Fun, sweet, romantic, and peaceful are the four words that best describe the color pink. You might have noticed that it is one of the colors primarily used in most baking companies. It is perfect for women and women empowerment, which is why you can see it in various self-defense posters or any diseases related to women.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Pastel Color For Your Video Marketing?

When choosing a color for your video background, look for the color that best suits the products you sell to your traffic. 

Often some colors resemble the religion of some people, which might be related to your product or your area of the audience. The same color holds different meanings in different countries of the world. Therefore, before jumping into building a video for marketing your products, you need to do thorough research on the cultural background of the target audience and go with the flow.

When you are planning to do a call to action, always chose red. Many companies use red color for CTA texts. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is the only color for your Call to action button. Remember, context is more crucial than the color you want to select for your video marketing.

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