The Top 7 Different Markets That Have Adopted Instagram Marketing Strategies In The Past Few Years

Social media has transformed the scene of digital marketing. Out of all the platforms, Instagram has particularly changed the existing perceptions of selling and buying.

Founded in 2010, this visual content-sharing app has come a long way in just a decade. Instagram has followed an incredible growth trajectory thanks to its subscriber base. With a billion monthly users, it has become a widely-known promotional tool.

Instagram marketing strategies have changed the game for a few markets. So much so, that it has become a prominent aspect of their digital marketing plans. Let's look at the top seven industries for which Instagram marketing strategies have become essential.  

Many companies and brands use online video marketing so that you can advertise their products and services.


Before Instagram, the world of beauty comprised of drug-store or high-end beauty and make-up products. People used what they could afford. At times, they experimented with the advice of their friends or family members.

However, the scenario has changed ever since influencers started sharing their beauty regimes on their Instagram accounts. Now, there are a plethora of categories, like professional artists' collection, fakes, dupes, etc. There is also an increasing trend of celebrity lines like Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty.

The new-age Instagram marketing strategies consist of engaging the masses through influencers. These Instagram celebrities have a few hundred thousand followers and have become instrumental in promotions and new launches. 

Sending them freebies and shooting elaborate unboxings or shopping hauls have become a trend to reach the target audience.


Instagram has become so integral to the fashion industry that even the once-elusive luxury brands couldn't resist the temptation of exploring digital marketing. The fashion industry relies on creating trends, and it won't be wrong to say that this photo-sharing app owns the world of trends today.

Instagram has become so vital to the survival of fashion companies that it has penetrated the designing stage of garments, shoes, and bags. Designers, these days, conceptualize Instagram-friendly pieces that look great on the 2-D screens of personal phones.

With easy access to Instagram, fashion is no longer restricted to the elite. The millennials today have an equal voice, and they are creating and voicing their opinions on Instagram.

Apart from marketing, Instagram has also become a sales channel for selling fashion products. The business profiles allow the young and the restless to shop on a click and experience instant gratification.


The entertainment industry thrives on pictures and videos, and no other platform is better than Instagram for sharing these. Celebrities love being on Instagram as it allows them to connect with their fans. 

For the common public, it is nothing short of utopia where they can feel an almost intimate and personal connection with people they idolize. Through pictures and stories, the fans get to know what their favorite stars are having for breakfast or where they are holidaying.

Travel & Lifestyle

Instagram has become a popular destination for like-minded people who share their hobbies and views. Travel influencers are shaping people's itineraries solely by sharing their experiences and reviews. More than anything, they motivate people to leave their shells and explore the adventures this world has to offer.

In today's time, the travel blogs of these influencers have overtaken the good-old glossy magazines in the same sector. It is the main reason why you may come across paid-partnerships between resorts and hotels and influencers. 

It is also not uncommon to see collaborations, where celebrities endorse countries to boost their tourism. Apart from this, Instagram marketing is also gradually gaining prominence as real estate marketing ideas 2020.


In the history of humanity, there was never a time when people were more obsessed with their health. Whether it is about achieving that perfect body or living a more wholesome life, Instagram has become the go-to place to seek and give advice.

However, the needs of the healthcare industry are unique. They may not use influencers as freely as the other businesses due to the FDA and ethical codes to follow.

Moreover, healthcare businesses cannot collaborate with any influencer. They need to find someone who can fit perfectly into the image that they are trying to advocate. Besides, the influencers should be able to freely talk about and address the common issues faced by people.

Lastly, most healthcare services require in-person meetings. Thus the marketing strategies for Instagram need to be carefully designed to address these issues.

Despite these challenges, it is a fact that people are searching for more and more healthcare-related answers online. It is an opportunity that the professionals in this field cannot miss.


Before Instagram, restaurants flourished on word-of-mouth. In this age, this social media platform is the new word-of-mouth.

In a world where 69% of people take pictures of their food before they eat, according to Funders, Instagram is where they are sharing what they are eating. Meanwhile, it has also become a place where they are looking for food and restaurant suggestions.

Restaurateurs were quick to realize that through these pictures, people are not just sharing their photos of food. They were sharing their experiences through a series of photographs and stories. What followed was a series of new restaurants with not just pretty-looking food but also Instagram-worthy decor.

From capitalizing on user-generated content to creating their hashtags, restaurants are planning new campaigns as a part of their social media strategy. It is also common for them to liaise with an Instagram marketing company to make their feeds and content more attractive.


Advertisements consume a significant chunk of marketing budgets at retail companies. Understandably, their business depends upon creating brand awareness and engaging customers.

Instagram works for them because there is nothing better than photos and videos to build an emotional connection with the consumers. The platform also helps them in understanding what is working with their customers and what is not.

Besides, it is not just the large retail chains that are using Instagram for their marketing. Several small retailers are using the platform to create awareness and sell their products exclusively on Instagram.


39% of people on Instagram have a strong passion for cars and automobiles. 59% of them say that Instagram influences them on making their purchase decisions, according to an article by Instagram Business.

With such staggering figures, Instagram is a place that the automotive sector cannot afford to ignore. Online promotions not only help create brand awareness but also an aspirational value that is essential for this sector.

For these reasons, you can easily find car manufacturers and dealers weaving stories through pictures on the platform. Other than that, live sessions also help the car aficionados see their favorite cars in action.


Digital marketing and Instagram go hand-in-hand for most businesses. As more people are spending time scrolling through their feeds, it is an excellent way to connect with the masses, and that too, at reasonable costs.

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