Top 5 Charm Bracelets With New Style

Ever wanted something that symbolized that perfect day, event, or occasion? There is probably a charm for that! If you’ve got a charm collection then you’ll know how good it feels to 

add that new special piece to your bracelet. Charms jewelry can mean so much to people, they symbolize a celebration or achievement, spirituality, favorite memory and are forever by your side! They also make great conversation starters.

Charms are small decorative and themed elements that are often used for bracelet and necklace projects, but can also be used for earring and mixed media designs. Sometimes, items carrying sentimental or emotional value, like special gifts from a loved one, may also fall into this category. They are available in a wide range of popular shapes and themes including animals, hearts, flowers, letters, holidays, and more... With so many options available, charms offer an easy way to personalize a design and to create countless variations.

From the 1950’s charms were now given to girls and young women who were celebrating a special moment in their life, particularly their 16th and 18th birthday but they also starting becoming gifts to celebrate events from engagements to graduations. Charms and pendants were created to represent and celebrate many occasions and symbols such as horoscopes. Charm bracelets also became popular in the Roman Empire as a way for Christians to reveal themselves to other Christians. By hiding tiny fish hooks in their jewelry or on their clothes, these Romans defied the law to show that they were fishers of men.
They have continued to evolve and since around 2002 their designs have changed to reflect trends and styles as you can find a lot of them now in the style of beads, which can be made from gold, silver and a glass type material. Different colors and patterns have been introduced giving you a huge amount of choice to personalize your bracelet.

What are Charm Bracelets Made of?
Usually, the bracelet is made from strong materials that last the owner a lifetime. This is because charm bracelets are meant to be kept and cherished forever, and breaking or losing them is completely out of the question. Hence, the bracelet itself might be either sterling silver or gold that’s typically worn around the wrist. Individual jewelry charms can be attached to it, with new ones being added as time passes, marking different occasions significant to you.

I think bracelet charms should be shared and cherished! Sharing a charm bracelet with a best friend, family, or loved one is a great way to add memories and even create them! If you’ve ever had a Best Friend necklace, you’ll remember how special it was to share something with someone you cared for. You can instantly personalize a piece of jewelry by adding an initial using a letter charm. You can also use charms with birthstone colors or meaningful designs to create a custom piece. Make numerous variations of a project by using different charms. Pair sterling silver charms with sterling silver components (or gold filled with gold-filled) to create high-quality jewelry. You can create one-of-a-kind pieces by mixing and matching charms with beads, chain, cord, and other components.

Here are top 5 charm bracelet designs from Gnoce that might win your heart with a single glance.

Charm bracelets can be a fantastic gift option as they’re always changing and I hope you are always making memories to add to your bracelet. Thanks for stopping by


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