Promise Ring: Give a Gift with Meaning

The love of jewelry never ends. It’s not something new, rather it has been there for centuries. Jewelry is a great way to

express your love and commitment to your significant other. Jewelry is something your love can wear every day. Jewelry signifies something special. 

Not all couples in a serious relationship are ready to be engaged. If this is you, symbolize your commitment and say, “I love you” with a promise ring.

What is a promise ring?

As the name indicates, a promise ring is a “promise” made between you and your significant other. Exchanging promise rings seals the meaning of a relationship in different ways. Whether the rings represent future marriage, an unbreakable lifetime bond, or just as an outward way to signify an exclusive relationship, they signify a devoted promise that is sacred to each couple.

The history of a promise ring dates back to the ancient Romans. In those times, it was a law that couples had to wait a certain amount of time before announcing their plans of getting married, to the actual wedding ceremony. So Roman brides would wear promise rings to show their promise of marriage. 

From there, the tradition continued to England in the 16th and 17th centuries. These rings were called posy rings. Couples would give one another rings to symbolize their affection. The inside of these rings was typically engraved with a romantic poem or saying. Promise rings continue to be popular today. Notable celebrities that have rocked promise rings include; Miley Cyrus, Jordan Sparks, and Alec Baldwin. 

A promise ring also may be presented as a meaningful symbol that openly elevates a relationship to a committed status. Promise rings are often given as gifts for birthdays or holidays; however, it is very important that the receiver understands the meaning behind the ring. For promise rings that are meant to be used as a pre-engagement ring, a good choice is a ring that features a small solitaire diamond; choosing a larger diamond might lead the ring to be mistaken for an engagement ring.

Rings are the most common wearable jewelry among men and women. At Jeulia, they have made all designs to perfection to make your Valentine’s day into a memory. They make all kinds of rings after considerable design research so it looks perfect on you. With a huge variety of rings, they have classified rings into various categories that you can order. Their categories include promise rings, stackable rings, heart rings, cocktail rings, moissanite rings, and couple’s rings. They ensure the best final product for you so you can wear it with ease and be distinct among others.

Solitaire Heart Cut Sterling Silver

Journey Round Cut Sterling Silver

Halo Heart Cut Sterling Silver

Gold-Tone Infinity Round Cut

Synthetic Morganite Sterling Silver

Blazing with Color Cushion Cut Sterling

Honor a special promise with a symbol that represents the love, friendship, and devotion that bonds the couple. Promise rings signify the couple’s commitment and serve as an outward reminder of true commitment.


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