Think You Gained Weight During Quarantine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. It has caused major disruption

to our physical and social environments and there are likely to be knock-on effects on our food habits.

Apart from the health risks of the coronavirus, the food we eat, the way we work, and how physically active we are have all been changed and impacted in ways hardly imaginable.

Unfortunately, the lockdowns which have been introduced in many countries to slow the spread of the virus can make it harder for people to have healthy lifestyles. For example, with many people working from home, furloughed due to the lockdown or experiencing other employment-related challenges, the social context of food purchase and consumption has also radically altered.

It can be harder than ever to stay active while confined at home, and the temptation of snacking more when in the house or when feeling stressed could lead people to have unhealthy diets. For many people, most, if not all, meals are being eaten in the home and alone or only with household members, according to personal domestic circumstances.

You might be surprised to learn that the COVID-19 pandemic leading to rise in anxiety, overdoses & weight gain according to health updates from Local12 

Some people may notice weight gain during the pandemic. It’s really hard to cope with being quarantined and not reach for your favorite salty, crunchy snack because of boredom or feeling on edge. A few pretzels or chips are okay, but many people may not be able to step away from eating the entire bag once it’s open. Also, if you’re already feeling blue, the quick fix of cookies or cake will ultimately make you feel worse. I personally think that being at home with the children can also be a good opportunity to cultivate healthy habits and a greater awareness of good nutrition and the importance of physical activity.

What I do know for certain is that overweight increases the risk of at least 12 different types of cancer, evidence that’s based on decades of research from around the world. While obesity is not something that can be changed overnight, a healthy lifestyle (and that includes a healthy diet and being physically active) will not only lower your risk of cancer but also ensure your immune system is working at its best. People can try adopting simple strategies that may help them maintain a moderate weight during the quarantine. Generally, the most effective method of weight loss is a healthful diet and adequate exercise. 

Here are my top 7 simple tips to get your mindset right and start losing weight:

1- Reach out to people for support. Speak with people you trust about how you feel or what your concerns are. The connection is key to our well-being. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to people you know, you can look for a local or national group or support organization to get the help you need.

2- Start with your fluid intake. Staying well hydrated really will make a big difference to your health. Water helps us to flush out toxins, get energy from our food, get nutrients to every part of our body, and manage our appetite.

3- Load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Save money. Skip the high-sugar soda and juices; instead flavor water with edible citrus or berries.

4- You can perform a variety of exercises in the safety of their own homes. These can include yoga, body weight exercises, or simply walking around the house. You can also try an online workout program. 

5- Use weight and exercisecalculators. There are various benefits of using a weight loss calculator. It will provide you information about how many calories you will be able to burn up by performing some specific exercises. A weight loss calculator also provides you information on how much to work out and how much to eat. So, a weight loss calculator is significant enough to make sure you about the methods if you are going to lose weight.

6- Start to support your sleep. Giving your body what it needs to have better sleep is a really good way of reminding your brain that you are deserving of self-care and also a great strategy to support healthy detox and weight loss. Make sure your room is comfortable, welcoming and uncluttered.

7- Plan and enjoy an occasional comfort food for a weekly treat — pick a day and enjoy whatever you want, just not all your favorites on the same day!

Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging for everyone and the increased anxiety (and boredom) can cause people to abandon their healthy eating intentions and snack on whatever is around. 
It is also crucial for people to go easy on themselves during these trying times. A person should not feel too self-critical if they have gained weight, like negative thoughts and emotions may have an adverse effect on their mental health.

With a little thought and planning, establishing a daily routine, finding a form of exercise you enjoy, preparing healthful home-cooked meals, and getting plenty of sleep can really boost your mood and immunity.

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