Best Ponchos For Your Wardrobe In 2022

Have you been wanting to try something new? Or maybe you have been looking for a new look? Maybe you have been browsing the internet lately and you see some of your favorite fashion icons and Instagrammers bundled up in a poncho.

With the cold season, you may be looking for a new style to stay warm and chic in. Nothing is better for this season than a poncho.

As a chill fills the fall air, ponchos offer a versatile fashion statement for all manner of women. Before dismissing them as too overwhelming, consider that a poncho can be designed in a beautiful, complementary way to suit all body types. From long and leggy to petite and curvy, any woman can find a poncho that is perfect for her needs. This cozy, comfortable piece of outerwear can be worn in many ways. While traditionally marked by its squared-off shape and fringe embellishments, the modern-day poncho has a wide range of styles, prints, and trims to choose from. Considered less formal than a cape, it can easily adapt to a variety of different outfits.  Ponchos can be tailored for a chic, formal and/or professional style or be bohemian in thicker knits, colorful patterns, and/or tassels and fringes.

The days are getting colder and it’s time to bundle up! This style is perfect for incorporating multiple layers at once. Put on your favorite sweater, jeans, and poncho-like normal, and then turn your poncho into a scarf for extra warmth.

When temperatures are brisk but not chilly, a poncho can be the perfect outwear solution. Instead of a jacket, a small fitted poncho can be paired with jeans or leggings for a unique look. Instead of a puffy, bulky coat, the poncho provides warmth in a stylish form. Plus, for anyone who travels, the poncho can serve as a comfy pillow or blanket. Whether worn over jeans to ward off the chill or thrown over a lap to fight the blast from an air conditioner, the poncho becomes a fast favorite. This multi-functional outerwear gives the wearer numerous options to expand her wardrobe.

Ponchos & Travel:

Whether traveling near or far, packing for a trip can be intimidating. Packing a poncho in your bag can be an expert solution for many travel scenarios. On a crisp night, the poncho can ward off the evening chill. For a cold plane or a long wait at an airport, the poncho can be used as a blanket. In a pinch, the poncho can be rolled up to use as a makeshift pillow. No one wants to overpack for a trip so bringing along a poncho offers great versatility.

Whatever your style, there's a poncho waiting to keep you warm in style! At Muse + Mosaic there are many colors to choose from so you can mix and match to see what matches your individual style and works best for you! Ponchos are not just perfect for you, it can also be a really great gift for someone you love. It is great for any friends or family, plus they can stay warm and stylish as well.

The new Muse + Mosaic outerwear collection fits in perfectly with this season’s dress code, catering for women who want to look elegant, casual or sporty! Shrugs, ponchos, scarves jackets and cardigans that combine style and fashion at the same time. You can browse their online shop and choose your outfits among the winter outerwear collection here.


Ponchos, shrugs, cardigans and jackets are on everyone’s checklist this season. As the season and the trend blooms with the coming days, now is the perfect time to lay your hands on the most versatile winter wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse Muse & Mosaic's online store and shop for the piece that you found perfect as per your style and rock for the winters or the summer vacations that you have planned in the hills and the snow.


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