Luxury Vegan Handbags To Update Your Wardrobe

Nowadays, there are absolutely many fashion brands all over the world making vegan bags, it's not difficult to find them, it's also not too difficult to find a great variety of designs and styles.

However, it becomes a bit more difficult when you are trying to find a bag that is vegan, also ethically made and handcrafted.

Vegan leather is a leather alternative that is cruelty-free, more environmentally friendly and as aesthetically pleasing as animal leather. It is also known as faux leather. Essentially an imitation 'leather' material that does not use animal skin.

The main concern for the majority of people when deciding between real and vegan leather is the impact it has on the environment and animals. The process of animal leather manufacturing is chemically intensive, and the manufacturing process causes air pollution and water pollution. According to studies, 1 ton of finished leather product produces 20-80 m3 of turbid and foul-smelling water.

Pipaton leather handbags

Spring will officially arrive in just a few months and for many, that means a wardrobe change. It’s time to embrace light colors, florals for spring? and luxurious bags for day trips and vacations! So you don’t have to scour the internet to find compassionate options! Here, in this blog post you’ll find some luxury vegan handbags you’ll love for this spring.

One example of a handbag company that uses exclusively vegan materials is Pipaton. As a modern brand, they believe fashion holds a strong position to represent and express, just like many other forms of art. Their analog process is not about automation - they measure, cut and sew every piece that goes out of their workshop! Pipaton works with Italian artisans who bring with them the passion and knowledge of traditional techniques including quilting and webbing in handbag craftsmanship.

With exceptional premium artificial leather and 18k gold-plated hardware, each component of their handbags is impeccably designed and dedicatedly crafted outside of Florence Italy, the hub of luxury handbag production where heritage marries modernity. Personally, I really like their designs! Minimal, sleek, and geometric which is something very trendy these days. In addition, the curation of their product photography is very clean, consistent, and styling with the lifestyle they want to portray.

vegan leather,vegan handbags

This bold and expressive bag gives a strong visual impression. The ear-shaped handles take inspiration from traditional African masks. The unique diverging quilting pattern on their exceptional artificial leather renders a very soft touch and texture almost identical to lamb leather. 

White vegan handbag

Women's vegan handbag

Each hardware piece has been customized and plated with 18k gold, ensuring the longevity of its shine. The bag offers versatile ways to wear in different combinations with the included strap and handle and embraces each person’s individuality with style. 

Vegan leather women's handbag

Black vegan handbags

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Handcrafted leather handbag

The modern and sleek design of this bag radiates elegance and beauty. The sophisticated and unique silhouette renders the bag’s owner with a refined and timeless identity. The featured gold chain enumerates excitement and energy.

Women's vegan handbag handcrafted
White leather handbag, women's white bag

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With Pipaton handbags, you can support ethical brands and enjoy the same stylish handbag without compromising your ethical shopping standards. 

With such beautiful and sustainability-forward brands as Pipaton, we'll be able to make a difference in this world by creating innovative and premium leather handbags that you will love.

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