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Mass-produced jewelry may come by cheap and fast, but there’s a whole new charm added to a piece of jewelry when it’s handcrafted. For one thing, handmade jewelry is always going to be special and have its own distinctive personality.

This is a particularly good option for fashionistas who are looking to add more statement pieces to their collection. Handmade jewelry is also a fantastic choice when you’re looking to purchase a personalized accessory to present as a gift to a special someone.

What is it about something that’s made by hand that attracts our attention? My theory is that an artisan’s personal connection and love of their craft transforms ordinary objects into jewelry masterpieces. Still, most people don’t understand the true value of handmade jewelry compared to its mass-produced counterparts. There are many reasons why handmade jewelry is more of an investment than pieces that are produced in mass quantities.

Ren studio, the ren studio handmade

Ladies, there’s an interesting brand that you can’t get enough of. The name? Ren Studio. The game? Jewelry making, passion, quality handmade, simple lines, minimalist forms, one-of-a-kind jewelry that celebrates uniqueness and can be treasured for many years.

Regina Trifonopoulou is a graphic designer, jewelry maker, and the human behind The Ren Studio. Crafting & jewelry making is her passion, and every piece has a story to tell, from the moment it was inspired, produced and delivered. The vast majority of her pieces are one of a kind, meaning each one is just as unique as the last so you will never see any 2 exactly alike, you will be wearing a unique original treasure through the years and immortalizing a moment in time for generations to come.

“ I enjoy working on simple lines, minimalist forms and easy-to-wear jewelry. There are so many techniques, materials, textures, gemstones, and finishes to explore. I am intrigued to try something new every time.” says Regina T.

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Think of this comparison as an original painting by a famous artist compared to a poster print of the same artwork. While the poster print may have the same look, it is just that, a copy. The original piece has the artist’s personal touch hence more authentic.

When it comes to buying jewelry, most people today overlook the importance of how the jewelry itself is made. The way jewelry is manufactured directly impacts the finished look of a piece as well as the quality and longevity. I personally believe that the quality and craftsmanship of handmade jewelry are unparalleled. For example, it's usually denser which makes it more durable.

Aside from craftsmanship materials are one of most major quality differentiators in handmade jewelry. A person who takes pride in their work wants to use the best materials possible. Artisans care about the material's quality and where they come from because it's really at the core of the integrity of their work. Jewelry makers see their work as art, and they want to be the best they can be.

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Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or find a one-of-a-kind piece that really speaks to you, Ren studio has the quality and selection you'll love. Get in touch with her today to find the perfect piece of jewelry.


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