The Best Women's Boots For Every Budget 2021

It’s winter for many of us, and in an effort to stay warm, sometimes fashion takes a back seat to function.

When the cold and snow hit, you’ll want the best winter boots for women to keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable. There are plenty of sizes, fits and styles to choose from, and you might not know where to start.

Winter and boots go together perfectly, one footwear option you truly cannot get through winter without. Luckily, we can’t really get enough of them.

Personally, If I could wear boots all year, I would. I love them. One of the first things I change from my wardrobe come winter is adding boots to my looks. It’s not only the shoe I wear the most throughout the cooler months, but it’s also the ideal shoe for transitioning summer looks into fall too.

What to look for when buying winter and snow boots


Offers a deeper level of protection, often through a middle layer underneath the outer repellent layer. This extra layer acts as a barrier repelling any water that might seep through from penetrating deeper into your socks and feet. Because of this extra layer, these are less breathable. Prolonged submerging or unsealed seams cause still let water seep through.


While going after the latest trends might be your primary focus, you’re best off prioritizing comfort and fit. Struggling along in boots you can barely walk in is not a fashionable look anyway. Think about how winter boots are supposed to fit: they should support your ankles and give your toes wiggle room, so they’re not pinched. It’s also worth considering if you want to wear them with thick socks for greater warmth and comfort. If so, buying a size up might be a good idea.


We lose most of our body heat through our head, hands, and feet. So buying a pair of winter boots that keep your feet warm will help you prevent the winter chill. Traditional linings are great for keeping your feet warm and cozy. Synthetic substitutes are often used on more fashion-conscious designs to provide lightweight but equally effective insulation.


Not all winter boots are waterproof. However, there’s a lot you can do to make sure those beautiful boots do the job on slushy, wet days. Leather, especially when treated with a specialist spray, can provide durable protection along with classic good looks which last from season to season. There are also plenty of handmade shoes in the Obiono store which will fit the bill for a better price.

Quick tips, and ways to wear boots:

1. Style your boots with basics

Nothing goes better with boots than basics! Think basic tees, lightweight knits, and neutral colors.

2. Tuck your pants into your boots

The quickest way to make bulky winter boots look stylish is by tucking your pants into them. I find that leggings, tapered trousers, and skinny jeans work best.

3. Layer on a leather jacket

While you can get away with teaming your Obiono boots with any winter coat, I love pairing them with non-traditional winter outerwear, like a faux leather blazer, biker jacket... It allows you to bring out the boots before the snow.

4. Try a utility jumpsuit for some edge

For a non-basic way to style winter boots, give them that fashion-forward feel with a utility jumpsuit. Both items happen to be super trendy right now, so I’m sure you’ll find yourself wearing this combo even without any snow.

5. Add cozy accessories

Winter accessories like a pompom beanie or a scarf puts the cherry on top. If you’re not into the winter cozy theme, then a baseball cap might be a better fit. It exudes more of an urban, downtown vibe.

If your boots can only be worn with one item of clothing, they are very impractical. A pair of nicely designed winter boots for women have tons of wearing ways. Whatever kind of boot lover you are (short, retro, chunky boots, wedge boots, etc) check out the below list!

Buying winter boots is a key part of getting your wardrobe ready for the change in seasons. Make sure your new boots are comfortable and practical as well as complementing your sense of style. Remember to use OBIONO20 for 20% OFF all products! You likely need more than one pair of winter boots to happily survive until May when spring returns! Thanks for stopping by Let me know what do you guys think about wearing winter boots?


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