6 Easy Fuel-Saving Tips To Improve Your Fuel Economy

Save Money on Your Gas Budget

At the time of writing, the price of fuel continues to rise and has reached record levels. The fuel costs have gone up, especially during 2022 and they will continue to rise.

Food, fuel and energy bills are all linked and traced back to scarcity of resources, namely oil and gas, otherwise known as fossil fuels. As the cost of these resources increases it impacts the things that we must buy to live.

Gasoline and diesel fuel costs can make up a big part of our weekly expenses. We all have to drive and we all depend on our vehicles. Which means we all have to buy gas, but how can we really do all this and still save money?  You can’t make it far in search results without coming across dozens of methods and tips on how to make your gas go further. In case you’ve missed out, or aren’t sure where to start, consider these 6 easy fuel-saving tips:

1- Basic checks before setting off

Ensure your tires have the minimum tread and are set at the correct pressure. They are the only thing between the road and your car. Different pressures and different tires can have a profound effect on rolling efficiency. The ones that are below the recommended pressure will affect your fuel consumption and handling of your vehicle. It's best to check pressures soon after leaving your house or work too, as the pressure naturally increases due to the expanding air inside and tires eventually warm up after a decent drive.

2- Cut the coffee stops

Taking your own brew on the road will save money for all those times when you need to stop for a cup of coffee or tea.

3- Use the gas budget calculator

Simple fuel budget calculators can help you save hundreds of dollars on petrol every year. They are generally used to help you calculate your annual gasoline cost given the type of car you drive, the price you are paying for a gallon of gasoline and the number of miles you drive per month. Some gas savings calculators are more complex than others. They can take into account factors such as vehicle type, distance traveled through town, etc. to find out mpg (miles per gallon). Gas budget calculators and trip cost calculators, on the other hand, will give you a price estimate for the journey that you wish to make. Using these online tools is a great idea to reduce monthly consumption and save more money.

4- Keep your speed down

You will get the best fuel consumption if you change gears below 3,000 rpm and keep your speed at 55 – 65mph. Driving at 80mph will use at least 10% more fuel than driving at 70mph and it won’t make much difference to your arrival time.

5- Don’t use a roof rack and keep your boot light

Avoid carrying any unnecessary weight in your car. Every extra 50kg will add about 2% to your fuel consumption. A roof bar or roof rack will add to the drag on your vehicle as well and can affect your fuel consumption by up to 10%.


6- Avoid traffic by choosing your route carefully

Being stuck in traffic wastes time and money! As your car is not moving but burning fuel. Drive when the roads are quieter. It’s also better for the environment - traffic-free journeys are around 3 times less polluting than those with traffic.

Gas fuel gasoline Budget calculator

There are so many tips here to save you hundreds over the year! You can also check out the Office of Energy Saver tips here in more detail from driving to car maintenance tips, choose your favorites and go save!


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